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Out with the Old in with the New- Hopefully!

Hi! Well, it's almost the end of January- the first month of the year and little has changed for me. I think my year will change when I get more time for myself by placing my youngest daughter in daycare part time so I can have more time to accomplish more goals for myself. For instance, this year I  want to focus more on me and the things I like to do for me. Since having kids, it has always been about them- no time for me. Now, I schedule time for me. However, I need to start scheduling time for me to exercise. I know we all say it but I really need to do it. I have gained way too much weight since having my kids in my late thirties that my body is truly suffering.  I hate the way I look now and always loved the way I looked in the past before having kids. I plan to join a gym with a pool and swim. That is my favorite form of exercise. Love it! Although, getting in a bathing suit in public with this body presently doesn't sound at all appealing..oh well. I got to do it. If you don't like it; don't look. lol

well, I hope I can accomplish some of my goals this year by getting in better physical shape, attending more social functions, and just enjoying life more- rather than feeling like a slave. lol U stay at home moms know what I am talking about. Don't u?

Well, I plan to attend the stampscrapart tour in March at the Oaks Convention in PA. Hope to see you! I love supporting small crafty businesses. Come out and join the fun! Check out: www.stampscraparttour.com for more info.

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Page Contests are a matter of taste, not artistic skill

Got back from a weekend long crop yesterday. I accomplished quite a few layouts. I find it amazing on how different people scrapbook. This crop was hosted by a group of ind consultants from a popular home based scrapbook business. My style of papercrafting is completely different from the croppers at this crop. I love using color and texture. I don't like all my pages looking flat and similar.  I love paper piecing and not afraid to add my own personal touches, besides my photos, to pages. 

They had a page contest that I entered for comedy. My layout was one page with a hand cut Bunny holding a 5x7 photo of two of my daughters with the silliest Easter Bunny and their two misbehaving ferrets. The large paper pieced bunny was adorned with big googly eyes and I outlined the body with a fine black squiggly line. I also used popdots for the cute feet and paws holding the photo.

I even had a woman passing by my table when I was creating the page compliment it. I overheard 3 other women complimenting the page when it was on the contest table; but, it did not win. Another layout won. This layout was ok. It was  of a girl jumping- two positions with just two different patterned papers under it. VERY BASIC. The scrapper that made this page was at a table near me with at least 5 other friends. So when she won; I was not surprised. I only knew my mom there and the only home based business product I used on the page was the black pen. 

Well, what I took from this loss was that not everyone has the same taste and contests at crops are usually popularity contests- not true content contests. My page was colorful, fun and far more difficult to construct.  The winning page was simple.

I am not sore from losing but rather realistically looking at the loss. I was in a room surrounded by the same type of scrapbookers- simple and basic. Their style dictated their opinion.

I still truly believe my page was the most comedic entered but because of the crop I was at- I did not win. So, if any of you have entered your layout in a contest and did not win. Look at who was judging the contest. Was it there style? Was it too much for them to take in? (Do you know what mean?)



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